2023 — Starting a New Chapter

Eight years ago, in December 2014, I published my first blog post on Medium, to give an account of Smart Contracts and their meaning from a legal perspective. Albeit being quite explorative, that post has been shared and read tens of thousands of times across the Internet and hopefully helped some fellow lawgens get excited about blockchain and law.

Not only did I discover that I really enjoyed blogging back then but I became obsessed with thinking deeply about what crypto and blockchain would mean for an information-based society. In the two years following my first blog post, I wrote about

Looking back, I’m quite proud of these reflections, since they essentially captured the evolution of the crypto space for the years to come. You could say I was ahead of my time.

Get ready for the next chapter 📖

The internet has become political. Social movements are the new change agents, fundamentally transforming work, politics, community, how we live and everything else.

That’s why I’ve decided to build Common Ground - a web3-powered platform for collectives of all kinds, helping them grow and collaborate.

Behind Common Ground stands an incredible team of builders, investors and communities, that are united by a shared vision of a better internet.

Check out https://commonground.cg/

Common Ground brings together essential features for communities, including chat, voice, blogging and much, much more. Hence, I’m moving my blog there. I’ve already published one significant post under my new moniker “ada” about what I call the “Builder-Operator-Separation”, explaining how builders in the web3 space can create extralegal spaces with radical decentralization.

The platform has been in closed alpha since June 2022 and will be open to the public later in January 2023. If you want an invite to get early access, join our telegram group and ask for a referral link. You’re very welcome!

So long, fellow traveler. See you on the other side.




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